Keith Ashcroft 

Contemporary painter, Manchester, UK

In Here
Oil on canvas over board
Oil on canvas over board
Interior 1
Oil on canvas on board
Oil on canvas
Interior Motive E
Oil on canvas
There Is No Blue Without Yellow
Oil on Canvas 46x35cm
For A Feeling
Oil on Canvas
Interior Motive F.
Oil on Canvas
Neat White Height
Oil on Paper
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About the Artist

Born 1977 in St Helens, Merseyside

Lives and works in Salford, Greater Manchester

Keith Ashcroft's practice is routed in the practicalities of process and the embodiment of time, dealing with the painterly process of representing ambiguous and nostalgic internal spaces. Through the materiality of process – laying paint down on a surface – these spaces are reconfigured and interrupted by elements of abstraction. Paint is first applied using traditional methods as a foundation, until a point – different in each painting – when rules are subverted and the painting gains a contemporaneous independency. Whilst originating from found or donated photographs the activity of painting challenges the photographic moment of documentation locating the pictured content in flux, somewhere between the past and the present.


Recent Exhibitions

2018 The New English Art Club Annual Exhibition 2018, Mall Galleries, London

2018 The Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Exhibition 2018, Mall Galleries, London

2018 'Looking Forward', Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester


2000 - 2003 'Drawlab', St Helens College

1997 - 2000 BA (Hons) Degree Fine Art, Manchester School of Art

1995 - 1997 Btech National Diploma Art & Design, St Helens College

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Manchester, UK
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