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Alyson J Barton

Lancashire, England and USA

About the Artist

Alyson studied Fine Art in Greater Manchester, England, graduating with a First-Class Degree in Fine Art and a Master of Arts, before going  on to study at the ARC Atelier of Fine Art in Edinburgh Scotland.  It was there that she learned the time-honoured painting and classical drawing techniques of the Old Masters.  

Alyson's passion for relearning techniques almost lost in time led to her involvement with alchemic, hand made photographic techniques, including the historic Wet Plate Collodion, Platinum and Chromogenic processes.  Experimenting with ways to   incorporate these beautiful chemical processes within her work, she developed new techniques to create atmospheric
contemporary, interdisciplinary artworks.

Inspiration is inextricably linked to our relationship with nature, land and place,  calling on elements of romanticism and emotionalism to emphasise mood, mystery and the sublime. Trees feature substantially in her work, which honors their mystical and ethereal beauty whilst recognising their vulnerability and importance in the fight against climate change.
Moving to the USA in 2018, Alyson now lives on her family farm in the  Appalachian Mountains with her husband and their two Scottish Deerhounds, still residing in Lancashire, England on a regular basis.  

Alyson is represented by Saul Hay Gallery in Manchester, England,  and by Artifact Gallery in Manhattan, New York City. She is a member of the Lancashire artist group ‘NEO Artists’, and the Artists & Alchemists movement.  

  Top 60 Master Artist USA 2024, ArtTour International, New York City, USA
2023.   Honorable Mention, 48 th International Show, Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, Texas, USA
2023    ARTYA Emerald Award, Artists for a Green Planet, NYC
2023.   Top 60 Master Artist USA 2023, ArtTour International, New York City, USA
2023    Directors Choice Award, 32nd International Juried Exhibition, Viridian Gallery, NYC
2023.   2nd Place Award, “Being Seen”, TAG Gallery, Frederick, Maryland
2021    Special Merit Award - ‘Landscapes International Exhibition’, Light Space Time, USA
2021    Special Merit Award - International Art Competition ‘Trees and Fields’ Art Room Gallery
2019    Special Merit Award - ‘Landscapes 2019 Show’, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, USA
2019    Award Winning Artist International Landscape Exhibition, Light,Space, Time Gallery, USA
2017    NOA National Open Art Artist Award, National Open Art Competition, London, UK

Solo Exhibitions
2024.    Remembered Land, Rosewood Fine Art Gallery, Ohio, USA
2022     Tales from the Wood, Artifact Gallery NYC, New York, USA
2014     Ghosts,  Samlesbury Hall Galleries, Lancashire, England 


Recent Group Exhibitions
2023      48th International Art Show, Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, Texas,
2023      Holiday Exhibition, The Contemporary Dayton, Ohio, USA
2023      In Praise of Trees International Exhibition &,Photoplace Gallery, Vermont,
2023      Atmosphere &, WCACO Gallery, Colorado, USA
2023      Arts Benicia International Exhibition &, Arts Benicia Art Gallery, California,
2023      Art of the State 2023, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, PA
2023      Center for Contemporary Arts National Competition, Texas, USA
2023      Arts Benicia International Exhibition &, Arts Benicia, California, USA
2023      Directors Choice Exhibition, Veridian Art Gallery, NYC, NY 
2023      Nostalgia, District Arts Contemporary, MD, USA
2023      32nd International Juried Exhibition, Viridian Art Gallery, NYC, NY
2023      Believe, International Exhibition, Gallerium Art, USA
2023      Spiritual Visions, Fontbonne Fine Art Gallery, MO
2023      True Beauty, Exhibizone, USA
2023      Being Seen, The Artists Gallery, MD
2022      Celebrate Art National Exhibition, MVA Gallery PA, USA
2022      Dreams and Imaginings, Photoplace Gallery, New England, USA
2022      SAGE 7th Annual International Juried Show, SAGE, Sheritan, USA
2021      International Exhibition Trees & Fields, Art Room Gallery, USA
2021      Holiday Exhibition, The Contemporary Dayton, Ohio, USA
2021      Summer Exhibition, Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester, England
2021      Trees, PhotoPlace Gallery, New England, USA
2020.     Holiday Exhibition, The Contemporary Dayton, Dayton Ohio, USA

Recent Publications and Press
2023.   Remembered Land, 39th issue of Artistonish Magazine, USA
2023   Top Featured Artist, ArtTour International Magazine & Television

2023   Spotlight Magazine, USA
2023   Tales from the Wood, Artifact Gallery, NYC
2023   Believe,Gallerium Art, USA
2022   Masters of Photography, Analogue Edition, New York City
2022   Dreams and Imaginings, Photoplace Gallery Vermont, USA


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