Margaret Cahill

Blue Remains
Oil and mixed media on canvas
Oil and mixed media on canvas
Red Trees
Oil and mixed media on canvas
Oil and mixed media on canvas
Untold Stories
Oil and mixed media on canvas
Oil and mixed media on canvas
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Margaret Cahill Artist Bio 

Margaret Cahill is an artist working at Rogue Studios in Manchester.

She was a lecturer in Fine Art at The University of Bolton

Margaret’s work is concerned with themes of history and memory and reflects on the nature of our relationship to landscape in a world of conflict, displacement and instability.

She uses her own photographs as source material as well as appropriated images from a variety of media.

These images are the principal sources for series of paintings that are informed by a particular place yet allow for a universal resonance. They explore the possibility of multi-layered narratives:  the sense of places known and unknown - incidents remembered and imagined - the elusive nature of memory, both collective and personal.

Her ongoing preoccupation with abandoned places has resulted in travels to Central and Eastern Europe where she has worked in places such as Kosovo, an ex Soviet Military Airbase in Estonia and the 1936 Olympic Games athletes village in Berlin.

She has exhibited widely in the UK as well as in Berlin, New York, Sweden, Estonia and Taiwan

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Manchester, UK
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