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John Taylor

London/Manchester, UK

About the Artist

To continue with the values of midcentury British abstraction John Taylor takes his inspiration from the St. Ives School of art but adds his own personal geometric simplicity and clarity.  Originally trained as a theatre and film designer at Central St. Martins Art School in London Johns work presents itself in a simple modernist style.  His work emphasises his passion for using shape colour and form to create intrigue and drama. He uses throwaway materials in the majority of his works where cereal packets, discarded carton card, envelopes and old papers all feature. These are often   disguised, reconstituted and reinvented.  The products and by-products of human existence are the materials for his work.
Collage features greatly in his oeuvre not just as a compositional process but as a component part.  His geometric card collages are mainly produced on a small intimate scale.  There should be no overthinking with these works.  Only a fundamental instinctive response is required.   
The Shadow Generator Series sees the artist using a combination of mono printing with mixed media to create a dramatic complex identity of suggested shadows or openings.  Created as individual pieces these works when combined together create a multiplication of similar elements that closely connect with each other.  Almost a social group if you will, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.  The artist enjoys this chance element in his process.
John Taylors work is almost a paradox for a modern world where technology and computers strive for antiseptic precision with logicality and where a modern lifestyle manifests the fleeting and often superficial.  He strives to create a link with our primal self. Those emotions that are difficult to quantify or define, those that are intuitive and often illogical.  He aims to create a modern context where we can revisit and make sense again of our innate primitive instincts.

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