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Iain Andrews

Manchester, UK

About the Artist

Iain Andrews' paintings begin as a dialogue, both with a particular Folk Tale and also with an image from art history – often a painting by an Old Master that may then be used as a starting point from which to playfully but reverently deviate. He is interested in how stories are retold and re-imagined, and how the retelling alters and embellishes the original even as it seeks to render it vital and alive once again for a new audience. Along with this concern comes a question of how modern developments may be balanced by a dialogue with established traditions and past narratives, and yet not become nostalgic. Whereas in the past, the artist or thinker had the shared symbolic order provided by religion within which to refer and ground their work, the artist today must find a way of surviving the bewildering plurality and subjectivity that has become the norm, if what they have to say is to maintain any force or credibility.

Iain currently works as an artist in residence and Art Psychotherapist at Trinity High School in Manchester.

Selected Exhibitions

2022 -  Teraphim (with Carlos Zapata) - James Freeman Gallery, London 

2018 -  Iain Andrews - House of the Nobleman, London

2015 - Changeling - York College Gallery, York

2014 - Re:view - Iain Andrews, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

2013 - Il teatro dei leviatano - Man and Eve, London , 

        - The Language of Paint (with Richard Kenton Webb), Atkinson Gallery, Somerset

2012 - Mythopoeia, Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, Warrington

Competitions, prizes and awards

2018  - Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, shortlist, Chaiya Art award - shortlist

2017 - GMCC Contemporary Arts Prize - runner up, New Light Art Prize, shortlist

2016 - GMCC Contemporary Arts Prize - runner up

           1st Prize - Anthology, Van der Plas Gallery, NY

2014 - Open up North - 1st Prize

2012 - The Northern Art Prize 2013, longlist, Leeds

2011 - Marmite Painting Prize - 1st Prize, Nunnery, Bow Arts, London,   

          Towry Prize - North of England, National Open Art Competition, Chichester,  

          Jerwood drawing prize, London

2010 - Jerwood Painting Fellowship, shortlist, Jerwood space, London

2009 - Abbey Scholarship in Painting, Shortlisted, British School of Rome, Rome,

          Saatchi's Best of British, shortlist, Saatchi Gallery, London 

2008 - Marmite Art Prize, Studio 1.1, London

2007 - Celeste Art Prize 2007 - Short List, London, 

           Sir Leslie Joesph Young Artist Award - Shortlist, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea 

2002 - LUKAS Drawing Prize, Gallery 37, Cork Street, London

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