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3 Reasons Why Art Makes a Great Christmas Present

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

People have been exchanging Christmas gifts for a very long time. The gesture of finding, preparing and bestowing something of value to family and friends is something that is honoured by people all over the world.

Finding the perfect gift for our loved ones can be very fulfilling and a carefully chosen work of art could be just the right thing.

3 Reasons why art makes a great christmas present

A gift that is Unique

An original work of art is unique, no one else has it, this is part of the joy of owning original art rather than an off the shelf piece from a major retailer.

Many of us find it difficult to find a gift which is really meaningful.Buying original art as a gift isn’t always easy but it can demonstrate to the recipient that you have put genuine thought and care into picking something unique that they will love.

Original art is as unique as the person who will receive it. When buying for someone else it is really important to think carefully about that person and their indiviuality rather than thinking of your own preferences.

Look at the examples of some of the different styles shown in this blog. Which is your favourite? Would your friend or family member have similar tastes?

If you really can't find that perfect piece most galleries will be happy to give a gift certificate. Make it more personal by making a date for you and the recipient to go to the gallery together to choose something they like.

A gift that is enduring

Christmas presents are often thrown away or lost at the back of a cupboard soon after being received. We feel under so much pressure to buy something special and meaningful. Sometimes, we are left feeling guilty that we are adding to the mass production of goods for people who already seem to have everything they need.

A work of art isn’t just for Christmas. ‘Salvator Mundi’ by Leonardo da Vinci was sold last year at Christie’s New York more than 500 years after it was painted. You may not be buying a da Vinci but the great thing about buying artwork is that it may appreciate in value. Unlike furniture, artwork typically doesn't lose its value because it has been pre-owned. In fact the artwork may be worth more after years hanging on the wall than it was worth when first bought.

A gift that supports local business and artists

Buying original art helps to support artists to continue producing their work. In the past many artists have felt the need to move down to London to sell their work. It would be great to increase the culture of buying original art up in the North too.

Buying from local galleries is a way of supporting local small business and boosting the local economy and having local art galleries really adds to the unique identity of an area.

Buying from local small businesses means that you can get to know the people behind the product and you are likely to be dealing directly with the business owner so expect the best service ever.

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