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On Line Collections

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This collection brings together works which focus on Manchester, and the issues, and features unique to the city. Through the eyes of our Artists, see the city of Manchester reinterpreted in their world.



A collection of works connected by a focus on Nature. Despite this shared theme our Artists have responded to the Natural world in a variety of ways. This Collection aims to showcase this variety, and emphasis how vast and unique Nature can be, in the works our Artists have created.

Echoes Answer Steven Heaton.jpg


In this collection explore the many varied ways artists approach abstraction through painting, printmaking and sculpture


Look Again 

The response to these paintings has been intriguing and wonderful considering that they are subjects that many of us may consider mundane. These artists ask us to consider the ordinary and to pause and look again.

Jamie Frost Profile pic.JPG


Art doesn't always have to go on the wall. We work with talented artists who use clay, wood and metal to produce stunning works of sculptural art in both abstract and figurative styles.

PETER DAVIS_The next chapter_painting_FI


One of the very oldest traditions in painting and sculpture, portraiture remains just as vital today as ever.


Commissioning a portrait of your family, a loved one or yourself is a truly unique and fun experience and not as difficult or expensive as you might think.

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