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The following works are connected by a focus on Nature. Despite this shared theme our artists have responded to the natural world in a variety of ways. This collection aims to showcase this variety, and emphasis how vast and unique Nature can be, in the works our
artists have created.

Curated by Saffron Deer during her internship, 2021

Omid Asadi - Solidarity
Unique artist's print of original hand-cut leaf
image: 29x21cm mount: 60x42cm
Gerry Halpin - Promontory, Cornwall
Adele Howitt - Seedbud
Grogged porcelain. Matt Barium White Glaze
15 x 15 x 11cm

photo Graeme Oxby
Alan Stones - Island (Barque)
Ltd Edition Lithograph
76x61cm mounted (unframed)
James Naughton - Hills and Clouds Merging
Oil on canvas
15 x 15 x 4cm
unframed box canvas
Margaret Cahill - Red
Oil and mixed media on canvas
Steve Capper - Homage to DH
Acrylic on canvas
64x54cm framed
James Naughton - Moment
Oil on board
Framed 52x43cm, image size 28x20cm
Jo Risley - Sunseeker
Limited Edition Bronze No.1 of 9
David Cemmick - Vixen
Ltd Edition Foundry Bronze No. 2 of 9
40 x 88 x 33cm
Anthony Ratcliffe - North Sea Holes
Limited Edition woodcut print. Signed & numbered.
Edition of 10
Printed area 46x46cm
£359 framed, £300 unframed
Steve Capper - Last Light
Acrylic on canvas
34x44cm (52x62cm framed)
Alan Stones - Over the Fence
Ltd Edition Lithograph
81.5x66.5cm mounted (unframed)
Diana Terry - Cornish Coast
Oil on deep canvas
40 x 40 cm
Adele Howitt - Seed Flower
approx 25x15x15cm (HxWxL)
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