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Simon Sharp

Contemporary fine art photographer, Lancashire, UK

About the Artist

Simon Sharp is a large format landscape photographer using traditional and alternative methods dating back to the beginnings of photography itself. Many of the materials he uses have long since become extinct, and sadly much of the knowledge and application of real craft in the photographic arts.


My prints are all painstakingly handcrafted in the darkroom using only the best fibre based silver gelatin papers. Prints are washed, chemically toned and mounted to full archival and conservation standards. All framing incorporates traditional carpentry techniques and uses only hardwoods. Every frame is bespoke finished to each individual print by hand.


"I use a large format camera to explore the relationship between myself, people and the land. In that sense it is a correlation with the world I inhabit and landscapes I spend time with.


My images are not planned, they are encounters between landscapes and myself, they are moments of time and catharsis, rendered in black and white."

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