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Malcolm Taylor RBA, PS, PPMAFA

Lancashire, UK

About the Artist

Malcolm Taylor is a new artist to show his work with Saul Hay Gallery first showing with us in January 2023. He has been a practising artist for over 40 years but for over a decade now,  he's gained the freedom to paint full-time, working daily in his garden studio.    


His practice is rooted in drawing, occupying the space between abstraction and figuration. With no fixed image in mind he uses his sketchbook studies and drawings as a starting point, preferring to let the imagery evolve through the process of painting. Although his work is conceptual in nature, there is nothing severe or self-consciously intellectual about it. 


Reproducing a likeness is not something he concerns himself with unduly. Capturing the essential characteristics of his subject is what he aims for. His methodology is one of constant change, working until the tensions of the composition are right, striving for energy and a sense of freedom in the work, and allowing the spontaneity of the marks to be interesting in their own right.


Malcolm is a member of The Royal Society of British Artists, The Pastel Society and is the immediate Past President of Manchester Academy of Fine Art.



“I just like to paint, I wouldn’t know what to do without it. I don’t find it odd at all to spend each day doing it.”

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