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Karol Kochanowski 

Manchester, UK

About the Artist

Born in Poland in 1986, currently living and working in Manchester, UK Karol Kochanowski is a multidisciplinary artist working mainly with oil paint. He raduated in 2013, from Manchester Metropolitan University in Fine Art (BA).


Winner of Ken Billany Prize 2013 and Manchester Open Award: Granada Foundation Gallery exhibition winner 2020


His works had been exhibited internationally, included London, New York, Berlin, Raleigh (North Carolina) and Manchester.

Karol's work is semi-abstract and non-representational in style. Light floating forms hang within an open space, punctuated and anchored by graphic, partly-geometric elements. These are poetic depictions of emotional landscapes in which chaos, logic and self-destruction co-habit, in clashing and discordant harmony which describes the fragile and painful yet curiously beautiful way in which an unsettled mind makes sense of the world. He approaches his painting in an instinctively haphazard way. It is always an intrepid journey without a map and arrival at the final destination is always something of a surprise. In a sense, the genesis, gestation and gentle nurturing of the process interests him more than the end product.

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