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Diana Terry   

Manchester, UK

About the Artist 

Diana Terry was born, lives and works in Greater

Moving interchangeably through drawing, painting, collage and sculpture, multi-disciplinary artist Diana Terry’s work explores the narrative between humanity and the natural environment. Terry lives and works in
the Pennines, a vast area of geologically significant moorland whose natural resources became integral to the Industrial Revolution and the growth of major Northern UK towns and cities.

The last eighteen months have been dominated by a project, Land Marks, funded by Arts Council England.
This new body of work inspired by the scars left by our plundering of these resources and natures subsequent healing and reclamation of these quarry sites.

It is the result of two years worth of research, production and collaboration. The funding enabled the exhibition to tour four venues in the North of England.
Working with local museums organisations and communities she has gathered on site research. Her creative practice has been to immerse herself within the landscape exploring the details of the rock and its
sculpted shapes exposed by the very nature of  quarrying. Taking this process into ceramics she has 
further abstracted the images into sculptural pieces which contrast the smooth mechanical geometric with
the rough and organic.

Her approach is partly informed by adaptation to the hearing world as she is profoundly deaf. Sensory touching is important to her creative process for example in shaping and moulding clay on the rock

Diana Terry obtained a first degree in Three Dimensional Design, at Manchester Metropolitan University. and two masters degrees at University of Liverpool, School of Architecture and University of
Manchester, Arts and Humanities. Therefore her design background has influenced the approach she has taken to her fine art practice. These include a love of materials and process. Furthermore they enable
her to be an inquisitive questioner and encourages a love of experimentation.

She has recently joined The Sculpture Lounge, a community of artists, on the edge of the Peak District   National Park. She has also been selected for the  New Light Art Prize Exhibition which will tour five
galleries before December 2024.

July 2023

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