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Not Quite Light

Contemporary artist. Manchester, UK

About the Artist

"I was inspired in 2015 to create Not Quite Light walking in Angel Meadow, just off the city centre of Manchester, where 40,000 people are buried beneath the grassed surface. It’s where Marx and Engels did their research into the impoverished lives of the working classes. From the glassed new CIS building just across the road, I watched a steady glow fall onto the gravestones of St. Michael’s Flags in the park below.

This caused a simple question to form in my mind: “If this light could magically bring these souls back to life, what would they make of their city today?”.

Since then, alongside my work with urban areas, exploring themes of transition and regeneration my work has taken me into places such as Macclesfield Forest and Dartmoor, exploring the places we exist in the twilight of dawn and dusk, those times of day between light and dark, from old to new, and vice versa.

I now work with photography, fiilm, text, audio, music and performance to tell my stories, and have had several commissions including ‘Dark Days, Luminous Nights’ in collaboration with the Manchester Collective, ‘Our Future is Ancient’ with the Barnaby Festival and a book ‘You Live With Us, We Live With You’ for 5 Plus Architects.

NQL also has a festival and a monthly show on Reform Radio."

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