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Image:  Keith Ashcroft - Interior Motive F

Looking Forward & (Art) Across. A curated conversation

Friday 16th March 18:30 - 20:30

Looking forward to a new exciting year, the current exhibition at Saul Hay Gallery showcases six artists, each with a unique ability to represent our world both real and imagined. Keith Ashcroft, Pauline Hughes & Josie Jenkins will gather together with art historian Sara Riccardi for an evening of observation and discussion. You are invited to join us for this new Art Across curated conversation, a rare experience of engagement with the present and the past at the same time: the artists will discuss their practice, sharing precious insights about their process of making, while Sara will open up enriching connections with the past History of Art, highlighting both the correlations and the transformations that have made figurative art such an endless source of fascination.
Tickets £10 including refreshements
Please book in advance, limited places available.


Click image to find out more about Art Across 

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