Lisa Denyer Artist Bio 

Some of the key themes in my paintings are transience, impermanence, and the transportive potential of paint.


Influences include ideas around modernity and escapism. I also take inspiration from landscape art such as shan shui, communicated through notions of foreground, background, movement and structure.


The forms and colours in my paintings manifest from everyday observations and are open to interpretation. Themes around containment are referenced in an ongoing exploration of framing devices.


The surfaces and supports of the paintings are often handmade using wood, hardboard or plywood. These materials are selected for their textual qualities and their ability to withstand multiple layers of paint. The handling of paint and the interaction between the medium and the raw surface upon which it is applied is a primary consideration in my practice. I aim to investigate the capacity that paintings have to be substantial, self-contained, weighty objects in their own right.


My visual language contrasts architecturally inspired hard edges with spontaneous brush strokes, referencing ideas around the organic and the artificial. My painting process is open to diversion, allowing the materiality of paint to direct my actions.

© 2015 by Saul Hay Fine Art
Manchester, UK
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