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KJ Pocock

Manchester, UK

About the artist

KJ Pocock’s work includes painting, drawing, prints and video. Originally from Dorset he studied architecture at Cambridge University. Now based in Manchester he has exhibited across the UK (including the John Moores exhibition) and internationally.


He says of his practice: “My work is inspired by the built and natural environment, their relationship to each other and to my own thoughts, dreams, memories and experiences. I am interested in the effect these different environments have on us and how we feel and respond to them - physically, psychologically, knowingly and unknowingly. 


I construct and express this private interior of thoughts usually as a colourful, semi-abstracted space. It encompasses themes such as power, control, hierarchy, repetition, aggression, the passage of time, transformation and contemplation. I am interested in how the personal can represent the universal. Sometimes the subject and theme is about the wider built and natural environment, sometimes more personal about a special place and sometimes both together. I develop my ideas through a design process that involves sketches, investigative studies, technical drawings and software.”

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