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Rosella Namtok (b. 1979)

Rosella Namtok is a contemporary Aboriginal woman artist from the Lockhart River
community in North Queensland on Australia’s east coast. Her language group is Aangkum.
She led a traditional life of hunting and gathering, camping, and fishing while she was
growing up, and now lives in Cairns. She is an acclaimed international artist and an influential
mentor to new generations of Aboriginal artists.
She is famous for her bold artworks on canvas and paper. Memories of her country, family,
and community inspire her paintings. They reflect traditional stories and contemporary
themes across social and political concerns with candid observations about changing
lifestyles and the environment. The Bulletin with Newsweek named her amongst its ten
“brightest, most creative people in Australian arts and entertainment.” Rosella is an active
member of the Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation whose trade mark is ‘ART GANG’.

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