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A group exhibition of contemporary artists currently working in Greater Manchester. Manchester has always been a city of innovation and creativity and shows no sign of slowing down.

Artists’ studio groups across the ten boroughs provide mutual support and inspiration to the fathomless pool of artistic talent. In Spotlight we explore and celebrate the creative buzz across the county with work from some of the region’s most exciting contemporary artists.


Iain Andrews | Paul Brotherton | Margaret Cahill | Julia Chance | Peter Davis | Lisa Denyer | Jane Fairhurst | Susan Gunn 

Steven Heaton | Victoria King | Karol Kochanowski | Martyn Lucas | James Naughton | Martin Nash | Jen Orpin

Joanne Risley | Steven Royles | David Stanley | Neil Wood 


The exhibition will run from 4th July - 4th August 



During the exhibition we will also take place in Manifest 2019 and will host a free event with Art Historian Sara Riccardi on Weds 17th July - click the button for full details 

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