Sophie Twiss Artist Bio

Sophie is an interdisciplinary artist who was born and grew up in Durham. In 2017 she completed an MFA in Art and Environment at Falmouth University for which she was awarded a distinction. Her artistic practice combines installation, photography and durational process based actions. The enquiry of her practice is driven by an interest in ecological thought and the ecology of the natural world. She makes works on paper which are delicate and intricate using natural materials, wildflowers and beeswax. Her intention is to draw attention to the beauty of small things and the complex relationship between nature and culture.




'Gorse #2' is part of a wider project researching plant pollinator networks. It is made with handmade paper, the recipe for each batch is recorded - train tickets from journeys made, pages from a damp damaged book, a bundle of lists and piano sheet music with gorse flowers sealed in beeswax. Gorse flowers provide year round foraging for bees flowering in winter and early Spring. Bees forage within a specific distance from their hive, the pollen and wax holds detailed information about the surrounding environment. This work was made in Cornwall with gorse flowers collected there and beeswax from a local beekeeper in Portloe. I see these works as a sort of mapping - of plant pollinator networks and human relationships with nature.

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Manchester, UK
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