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Jamie Frost MRSS

West Yorkshire, UK

About the Artist

Jamie Frost MRSS is a sculptor and draughtsman who grew up in Yorkshire’s ‘sculpture triangle’. Noted for his portraiture and figurative drawings, he is an award-winning artist who has exhibited internationally and across the UK. He works with live models, drawing inspiration from numerous sources to produce sculpture in wood and other materials.

"The words we use with trees: limb; heartwood; trunk, are the language of bodies. The smell, warmth, weight, moisture, the sounds, are analogous with human flesh. They are heady and visceral. These sensory qualities heighten my relationship with the work and I see no reason to suppress this. I wish you to experience it. I love the qualities of wood when it is worked viciously; split, cleaved, dented and splintered, particularly alongside delicate sculpted forms. It's a material of superb contrasts which can also be shaped with tenderness, revealing it's vulnerability."


Whilst the works rarely have an explicit narrative, they develop with a strong sense of emotional content, reflecting shared human experiences and social concerns. We rely on muscle memory to perform actions. Perhaps it follows that a certain amount of emotional memory might be required in the making and viewing of art, to draw upon a recollection of things felt.

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