Jane Fairhurst

Remnants (after Gita Bratescu)
Oil on board
30 x 40 cm
Fragments (after Gita Bratescu)
Oil on board
30 x 40 cm
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About the Artist


Jane Fairhurst has worked across a variety of media but more recently has concentrated on textiles and painting.

Through research, an important part of her practice, she became intrigued by women’s long association with cloth and the protective devices that were incorporated into clothing and other objects. Known as amulets, talismans and fetishes, their aesthetic qualities intrigued Jane and led her to create her sculptural textiles.

Jane's paintings have developed as a direct response to this textile work and whilst possessing an undeniable sculptural resonance they have developed into intriguing images in which she is interrogating the possibilties of colour, light, pattern and form.

Jane's studio is at Cross Street Arts,  Wigan, the studio group she established from 1999 and where she is currently a trustee.

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Manchester, UK
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