James Moss Artist Bio 

James Moss's paintings have been built in multiple layers over the past eight years through a focus on aggregation, accumulation and intuitive process. Exploration of automatic and 'visionary' approaches led to the elimination of mimetic content while retaining engagement with form and structure. As well as offering investigation of the ostensible dichotomies principle-decoration, figuration-abstraction, action-interpretation, this work gives physical presence to the unconscious, creative impulse.

Each piece in this series contributes to an ongoing body of work, always in progress, which records intense, repetitious activity while remaining conceptually light-handed. This approach reflects the habitual, inconsistent character of development, to tell the universal story, proverbially ‘full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’.

Like other natural feedback loops, it is through practice and imitation that the worldview is constructed, belief-systems passed on and refined through repetition, revision etc. These paintings appear at first atomised and homogenous, before revealing painstaking composition and complexity. Considering the arbitrary and intangible in these surfaces invites the same in their analogue – the intricately evolved systems and structures within which we live. Ultimately, where interpretation fails or is limited, this work looks to material and to activity, often relegated, and particularly to learnt, cyclical, mechanical process - Sisyphus an alternative to Prometheus.

"Some of the details on display and published in this book truly resemble photographs, in the sense that they seem to capture a moment in time, as though the colours have somehow been thrown into the air and caught in transition. These could, in fact, be film stills; paused as mysterious substances react to one another, causing sublime, luminous chemical explosions. Even while some photographs reveal more clearly the texture of canvas and their true subject as painting, the sense of movement and the strange life force they seem to capture are still apparent."

Sarah Hill, 'Feint', 2015


"James Moss’s paintings explore the micro and macrocosm in a delicate synergy between semblance and space. They bring to mind extensive planetary landscapes one minute, before morphing into clusters of cells under a microscope the next...


The large scale and minute detail in each painting invites meditative contemplation as the gaze is drawn to the next compositional element. James orchestrates organic painterly processes in a thorough exploration of the medium, allowing paint to lead the way and responding with considered reciprocal action."

Lisa Denyer, Federation House, 2014



"James Moss‘s paintings are extraordinary pieces of depth with a wonderful use of colour. These pieces feel most strongly routed in the canon of art history as their palettes recall the works of Odilon Redon and the Sublime of German Romanticism, but the absence of anything concrete within them is absolute ensuring they remain the most transcendental of the offerings in this exhibition."

Susanna Caudwell, Corridor8, 2013


James MOSS

Date of Birth: 26/02/1982 

Based: Manchester


James MOSS - Freelance Interdisciplinary Artist, BA (Hons.) Fine Art, MMU, 2004

25 exhibitions and 150+ performances around the UK and at the Cité de la Mode et du Design in Paris. Venues and broadcasts include ARTE TV (Germany), BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, TV1 (France), Festival Number 6 and Islington Mill; UK exhibitions at Fuse, Bristol Folk House, Greenroom and Federation House among others; international collectors include Harvey Nichols, Arup and HRC Education Sponsors; features in The Independent, Times, Corridor8 and Creative Tourist online; 72 page book of details, ‘FEINT’, published by Fuse Art Space, January 2015; Castlefield Gallery Associate artist and previously Hoxton Art Projects Associate; 2013 residency at ArtWork Atelier, Salford.


2015      James Moss, TAG (The Adaptable Gallery), 235 Deansgate, Manchester

FEINT, Fuse Art Space, Bradford

2014      Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces, Federation House, Manchester

2013      CUE: art in Manchester, Piccadilly Place, Manchester

2011      James Moss: New Works, Bristol Folk House, Bristol

James Moss: TEN, Courtyard Gallery, Hertford

2010      Less Is More Projects, Cité de la Mode et du Design, Paris

James Moss: End-Effector, Brahm Gallery, Leeds

2009      James Moss, Greenroom, Manchester

2004      Emerging Artists, Harvey Nichols, Manchester

Arup, Oxford St, Manchester


2017      Be Strong, Live Happy & Love: 350 Years of Paradise Lost, Kate Shaw, Chloë Manasseh, Helen Mather, Ilona Kiss, The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester

2016      Gê Orthof & Raphael Fonseca, Manchester-Brazil 2016: The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester

Shreepad Joglekar, Non-Places of Intelligence: The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester

Ousama Lazkani, The Four Guardians of the Sky: The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester

2015      Helen Wheeler, Build a Wor(l)d with ‘ing’: The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester


2013      CUE: art in Manchester: Piccadilly Place, Manchester

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