Diana Terry Artist Bio 

My work depicts evocative land and seascapes. I frequently take inspiration from the Pennines seeking to portray an emotional connection. Composition is a key element with pathways and horizon lines creating visual journeys and colour employed as an intuitive response. 


Texture is integral to my work and I enjoy freely evolving this through the layering of materials. I paint primarily in oil, but combine this with a variety of other media such as heavy gesso, acrylic mediums, inks and sometimes collage elements. I enjoy the process of developing areas as they emerge, rubbing back and building up, scratching into the surface and working with tools beyond the brushes, from palette knives and sponges to drawing implements, creating diversity in my mark-making. 


My combination of landscape, figure and mood created through modern mixed media techniques allows me what could be seen as a contemporary interpretation of Romanticism. Sometimes I include solitary figures are as timeless as the land, sea and sky, merging the inner with the outer world.

© 2015 by Saul Hay Fine Art
Manchester, UK
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