Sabrina Schmid Artist Bio


Sabrina continues to explore her intense interest in animation as an expressive art form

and the intrinsic link between animation and fine art practice. Her current work explores

abstracted imagery by using hand painting and collaging methods directly on film

material, combining analogue and digital technology to create experimental animations

that are non-representational in their iconography. The methods and aesthetic relate to

early filmmaking methods used by artists who painted on film, inspiring experimentation

with these ideas through further digital methods. Sabrina’s film work will be shown

throughout the exhibition alongside digital prints of imagery created for the original film

frames and animation.

Her abstract work has been exhibited as site specific work and screened internationally

at film festivals. Two of the abstract animation works were shown on the large-scale

LED digital display 'Media Canvas' in Seoul Square, South Korea, 22-27 July 2014, a

collaboration between Gana Art gallery who exhibit works of global media artists and

the ‘Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival’. A version of the work ‘Abstract

Iterations’ was designed as site-specific animation for screening across three screens

on the three-part media façade of the ‘Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb’, Croatia,

26 May - 14 June 2015 for the project ‘Animation Goes MSU!’, a large international

competition and collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Art and the

‘World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest’ Zagreb. It screened as one of 16

animations selected from all over the world (Australia, France, USA, Croatia, Italy,

Poland, Hong Kong, Great Britain, South Korea, Germany, Slovenia.)

The cinema based animation films ‘Abstract Iterations II’ and ‘III’ have screened at:

 - London International Animation Festival, December 2015, London UK

 - New York City Independent Film Festival, April-May 2016, New York USA

 - Sydney Film Festival, June 2016, Sydney Australia

 - Melbourne International Animation Festival’, June 2016, Melbourne Australia

 - Anibar International Animation Festival, August 2016, Peja, Kosovo,

 - Animaze: The Montreal International Animation Film Festival, August 2016,

Montreal Canada

 - Punto Y Raya Festival, October 2016, at ZKM (Centre for Art and Media)

Karlsruhe, Germany

 - Ottawa International Animation Festival, September 2016, Ottawa Canada

 - Manchester International Film Festival, March 2017, Manchester UK

 - Leiden International Short Film Experience, May 2017, Leiden, Netherlands

 - Northwest Animation Fest 2017, May 2017, Portland & Eugene, US



Sabrina Schmid is an artist, filmmaker and academic holding a BA and postgraduate qualifications in fine art painting and in animation. She began her career initially in Australia and her early short animations participated at numerous film festivals. With a professional background in fine art practice and independent filmmaking, she’s worked freelance both in Australia and Europe. Currently teaching animation as Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing at Teesside University, she is a member of the Research Institute of Design, Culture and the Arts.

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