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Burcu Urgut

Istanbul and Manchester

About Elizabeth Garret Anderson

Elizabeth Garret Anderson was a woman of many firsts. She was the first woman to qualify in Britain as a physician and surgeon, the co-founder of the first British hospital staffed by women, the first Dean of a British Medical School, the first woman in Britain to be elected to a school board, and the first female mayor.

An early member of the National Society for Women's Suffrage, Garrett Anderson was also active in the women's suffrage movement. Her fascinating life was an inspiration for the details of painting.

In the centre of the painting, we see middle-aged Elizabeth Garrett Anderson in a velvet dress. There are two portraits placed in a circle on each side. On the left side of the painting we see Elizabeth Garrett Anderson's only child, her daughter Louisa Garrett Anderson, and on the right, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson's sister Millicent Fawcett.

Both characters helped to pioneer the women's movement in England and worked hard to ensure that women have the same rights as men in life.

It is possible to see symbols depicting the struggle for women's rights and medical science throughout the painting.

In the upper right corner, we see the snake entwined with the staff, which is the symbol of antidote and medicine. Behind it, we see the map of France, during Elizabeth Garrett Anderson's time women were not given the right to medical education in England, Garrett studied French so that she could apply for a medical degree in Paris, which she obtained.

At the bottom of the painting we see the inscription "Courage Calls To Courage Everywhere". Quoting Millicent Fawcett's speech, which she gave in1920, after Emily Davison's death during the 1913 Epsom Derby.

About the artist

Burcu Urgut was born in Izmir, Turkey, graduating from The Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts. She went on to complete her post graduate degree in cinematography at the FAMU Film School in Prague, Czech Republic.

In 2001 Burcu first exhibited her work publicly and since then has continued to work and develop her own unique style whilst going on to exhibit work at many fairs and exhibitions, throughout Turkey including the Contemporary Istanbul. Internationally Burcu has exhibited in Berlin, Brazil, The UK and Art Miami, USA.

Burcu has a highly individual style originating in childhood when she first picked up her father’s architects pen and started sketching, she is still using this same type of ultra fine pen, for the details within her paintings today.

She is known for her storytelling around historical figures who were unappreciated in their time, yet became pioneers of their field through their passion and dedication.

Her aim is to replace words with images, filling the surface with finely drawn details and turning it into a one-page book. Her art is in capturing the character and story of the individual and presenting it to the viewer in a fabulous visual representation of who and what they are.

More than just a still moment in time within each painting there are many layers and details telling the life and narrative of the subject matter. Renowned for this attention to detail, every time you look at one of her paintings you will discover something new.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

2021 - CONTEXT Art Miami – International Art Fair, USA
2021 - Contemporary Istanbul, Tersane Istanbul, Turkey
2021 - ANNIVER5ARY, Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester, UK  

Past Exhibitions:

2021 -  IAAF Bodrum / Herodot Culture and Fair Center
2021 – Time to Act! (Harekete Geç) – 360 Istanbul
2020 – Istanbul Art & Antique Fair – Kongre Merkezi
2020 – Artweeks@Akaretler / Akaretler – Istanbul, Turkey
2020 – We Have a Message! / Istanbul Concept Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
2019 – CONTEXT Art Miami – International Art Fair, USA
2019 – Artweeks@Akaretler  / Akaretler – Istanbul, Turkey
2018 – Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair
2018 – ARTANKARA 4. International Modern Art Fair ATO Congresium / Imoga Art Space
2017 – Gama Gallery / 42 Maslak / Who Are We? Where Are We Coming From? Where Are We Going To?
2017 – Imoga Art Space / “Karışık” Group Exhibition
2017 – Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair
2017 – Arnavutköy Joint Idea / “Hod” Solo Exhibition
2016 – Arnavutköy Joint Idea “Hangart” /Group Exhibition
2016 – Red Art “Disosiye” Group Exhibition
2015 – Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair
2014 – Steyoyoke Anniversary 02 / Group Exhibition / Brazil
2014 – Steyoyoke Anniversary 02 / Group Exhibition / Berlin
2010 – Ceylan Ertem/ Cok Yakın animation music video as an animator
2010 – Ceylan Ertem Cadı Avı Project/ Visual performance/ Nublu
2008 – A gift From Big Uncle /Animation United States/ Boston/ Sevincer Animation Festival 2nd Award
2007 – Gevende/ Nayu animation music video
2006 – Czech Republic/ Zlinsky Animation Fest as a jury
2001 – Painting Exhibition/ İzmir Çetin Emeç Art Gallery

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