Alyson Barton Artist Bio 

Atelier trained artist Alyson has a First Class BA (Hons) in Fine Art and a Master of Arts. Her creative practice is based in art historical and contemporary art theory. Alyson’s creative practice has long explored the relationship between spiritual belief systems and the human condition.  Through her most recent work, Alyson reflects upon contemporary man’s increasing disconnection with the natural environment, despite humanity’s deep ancestral relationship with the land and our ultimate destiny … to become part of nature itself.


Landscapes are captured through the historic Wet Plate Collodion process used by the masters of the 19th century, and integrated with new media to produce artworks which are hybrids of photography, painting and sculpture.   Some pieces are dark, silent and nostalgic, reflecting the primitive mystery of landscapes which are slow to give up their secrets.


Alyson’s work has been exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally, including venues in Manchester, Liverpool, London, Stockholm and the USA.


Recent Exhibitions


2017 Studio 44, Stockholm, Sweden  

2017 Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester

2017 PS Mirabel, Manchester

2017 NEO Artists Open, Bolton

2016 Various Open Exhibitions: USA

2016 Warrington Contemporary Open

2016 Picture House Gallery Summer Show, Lancashire

2015    Warrington Contemporary Open Exhibition

2014    Samlesbury Hall Galleries Solo Exhibition, Lancashire

2012    Liverpool Biennial Independents Group Exhibition

2012    Riverside Gallery National Exhibition, London

2012    Orleans House Gallery International Exhibition, London

2012    Media City UK, Manchester: Group Exhibition

2012    53 Degrees North National Exhibition, York

2011    Lancashire Manchester & Merseyside Wildlife Trust: Impact Project

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